Stacey Cohen is a singer songwriter, performer; and creative artist, from London-shire. Her hypnotic, playful sound is deeply inspired by nature, yet informed by the urban musical landscape. Stacey's voice is rich, authentic, colourful & completely unforgettable. Her lyrics poetic, heart-felt and thought-provoking.

She has performed at venues and festivals though out the UK. And is currently working on a new mini album: Wild Service.  In Jan 2017 music from her last album, The Archer, was featured on  BBC London Introducing. 

Stacey was born in London to British and Lithuanian-Jewish parents; and Uruguayan and Welsh step-parents. She grew up with a wide range of musical and cultural influences. Prolifically creative from a young age, she began writing poems & songs aged 6.  She originally began learning guitar from friends around campfires; and later at sessions and the like.

She began to write more solidly, and to develop her vocal and playing style; whilst living in the mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales. She went on to perform locally, around the festival scene, and around the UK with various bands. Before moving back to London to study electronic music production; and to record her second full album.

Stacey is passionate about supporting the many incredibly talented artists that she has met along the way. She has organised, and been a part of teams organising, a number of sell out music nights and events, and for a time taught and organised creative and musical workshops everywhere from festivals, to a slate mine, to a major Welsh national theatre. 

As a singer, she has collaborated with a number of dance music producers. Her forthcoming mini album Wild Service, is thematically linked to the wheel of the year; and to British native trees. You can hear an early version of one of the songs, produced by Stacey, for the forthcoming album here. This tracks, relates to early May, and the Willow tree: Willow Willow

Alongside making music, Stacey also teaches silent disco fitness classes in nature, at festivals, wellbeing events and retreats, organises gigs, and writes content.

Stacey Cohen is an ever-inventive, creative, intriguing, and above all, great, songwriter & performer. I would draw comparisons but there aren’t many or any I can think of. Certainly not from recent times. She has a great ear for innovative sounds & hypnotic music and you would probably have to harp back to the 60/70’s to liken.
— Roger Hughes, Ceg Records
Stacey Cohen is a young woman without fear, full of zest and happiness. Her years up a mountain have given her something different to city based singer/songwriters. Folk, alternative, rap were there in her set, even a smattering of Jazz, Stacey won’t be pigeonholed, unless excellent music is a hole for pigeons!
— Carl Chamberlain, Promoter and DJ
A hypnotic medley of stunning folksy-blues, which really makes her stand out from the crowd…. Often off-beat and quirky, haunting and poignant, Stacey Cohen’s adherence to story-telling through music is sure to see her flourish.
— The Pioneer
Singing live, Stacey has captivated audiences across the UK and beyond with intense, inspiring performances that effuse with love, intimacy and the energy of a woman who knows how to own the stage. Stacey’s vibrancy and spirit are engaging a fan base that is growing, guaranteeing a stunning show whenever she performs. Stacey is continually pushing the boundaries of her writing both lyrically and musically to produce tracks that have to be listened to again and again.
— Sophie McKeand, The Absurd